lørdag den 30. oktober 2010

fredag den 29. oktober 2010

Happy Birthday monster #2

This is me saying happy birthday to at a friend of mine....

torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

onsdag den 27. oktober 2010

søndag den 24. oktober 2010

lørdag den 23. oktober 2010

The Wall Guy

Just in time for the exhibition this guy found his way to the blog. Drew him maybe 4 years ago. Found him on the wall between cracks and wrinkles in the wallpaper.

tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Monster Mania - Exhibition at Sydhavnen

Monster lovers and friends come to the opening of the group exhibition Monster Mania the 5th. of November at 17 O'clock.

David Liwoch and myself will be showing monsters from both our monsterblogs, with drinks, music and very nice prices.

Tjeck out the blogs from wich the artwork will come:
David - Custom Horror
Zarah - A monster a day

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

søndag den 17. oktober 2010

fredag den 15. oktober 2010

torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

tirsdag den 12. oktober 2010

mandag den 11. oktober 2010

søndag den 10. oktober 2010

tirsdag den 5. oktober 2010

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Lazy and angry

Commisioned work.