søndag den 25. juli 2010

Doodle swap monster nr 1

The Doodle Swap Project is an organized swap of original, trading-card-sized art between artists, designers and illustrators. 

For more information on The Doodle Swap Project, see our Web site and blog anddoodleswap.blogspot.com.

lørdag den 24. juli 2010

Sweet Guest monster from Chicago Sketcher

This lovely guest monster is done by Chloe from Chicago.
Tjek out her stuff and other monsters at http://chloedonile.blogspot.com/ or on flickr.

fredag den 23. juli 2010

torsdag den 22. juli 2010

onsdag den 21. juli 2010

tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

onsdag den 7. juli 2010

tirsdag den 6. juli 2010

søndag den 4. juli 2010

torsdag den 1. juli 2010

Monster mum

A gift for the women who until yesterday took care of my daughter during the day. Now it's summer holiday and after that she will be starting kindergarden.