onsdag den 31. marts 2010

Bisquit Monster in color

Bisquit monster again, this time in color and finished up.

tirsdag den 30. marts 2010

mandag den 29. marts 2010

Davide Liwoch - Not just a guest monster

David Liwoch presents todays guest monster. His monster will change every day.
So remember to tjeck back, cause every day is a new monster on this particular post.
So this is more like a small "guest monster blog" rather then just a "guest monster".

Tjeck out some of his previous monsters at Customhorro.net. Very cool stuff!

søndag den 28. marts 2010

More cupcake please!

I'm sure there is some kind of rescue involved in this story. You may be the judge of what the rescue is all about.

lørdag den 27. marts 2010

Uhmm Pie

This is one of my first ever acrylic paintings. It was done about 2 years ago, and yes I have posted it on my old blog once before, but this is now and this is monsters so here we go again.

fredag den 26. marts 2010

torsdag den 25. marts 2010

onsdag den 24. marts 2010

tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

mandag den 22. marts 2010

Labitat monster logo

Happy Birthday to my super cool cousin Marc. He is the founder of Labitat a creative workshop and Fablab in Copenhagen. This logo idea is a birthday present for Marc. A long time underway but now a reality. 

søndag den 21. marts 2010

lørdag den 20. marts 2010

fredag den 19. marts 2010

Monster and dog

Inspired by the illustration Brave by Carolina who I found a couple of weeks ago surfing the Illustrations Friday participants. I have worked with the stamp technic ealier, but the idea with something inside the monster must be credited Carolina, and her cool illustration.

torsdag den 18. marts 2010

onsdag den 17. marts 2010

tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

mandag den 15. marts 2010

søndag den 14. marts 2010

lørdag den 13. marts 2010

fredag den 12. marts 2010

torsdag den 11. marts 2010

onsdag den 10. marts 2010

tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

mandag den 8. marts 2010

søndag den 7. marts 2010

lørdag den 6. marts 2010

Dollhouse monster

She had always wanted one, but never had the change to actually touch or hold one.

fredag den 5. marts 2010

Monster fortune

I wonder what the fortune note is telling him.

torsdag den 4. marts 2010

onsdag den 3. marts 2010

Lamp moster - A guest

Another lovely collaboration between Peter and Jakob.

tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

mandag den 1. marts 2010